About us

As the culmination of the Schurmann family-led initiative, our major expedition across the seas raised awareness of plastic pollution in the oceans and social engagement in search of solutions. With support from the UN Environment Programme, UNEP, the crew recorded everything they saw in the oceans and on the coasts, including some remote parts of the planet.

Plastic pollution is documented daily. With the data collected, we understand the cause of the problem so we can find possible solutions to combat marine pollution. We want to mobilise government agencies, raise awareness in the private sector, and educate society to protect the oceans, spur innovation, and rid the seas of plastic.

The expedition is also a platform for scientists, researchers and NGOs. They are invited to join the crew of the sailing ship Kat on board and conduct on-the-ground research in the world’s oceans and islands. We want to raise awareness and encourage as many people as possible to change their consumption habits and their relationship with single-use plastic. With Voz dos Oceanos, we are promoting change on several fronts.

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